The taming of fire, with many years of experience and a wide variety of equipment im able to tailor the perfomance both in length and intensity.

(noteworthy corona safe, since nothing makes people keep a safe distance more than moving fire)

Fire has its own inhabitual movement and I complement this with my body, using aspect from the world of dance to blurr out the border to technical aspects

- The shows can be anything between 2- 10 minutes
   Longer is possible upon agreement!

- Best suited for a well ventilated space or outside, due to smoke and fire hazards

- Tailored for your needs and wants

Chinese Pole

 Chinese pole is a standing cylinder covered in rubber, the hight and thickness varies but its climbed with shoes and the friction comes from the rubber to the clothes.

Allowing me to flip, twist and suspend myself on the pole in anyway imaginable

Ive been climbing the pole for multiple years now, and personally i like to explore movement possebilities on the third dimension.

- I can tailor the show to your themes or ideas.

- Currently im working on a freestanding structure thats 1.6 meter in diameter and requires a minimum hight of 3.5 meter.